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Spcine Game Incubator (2021-Present)

The first public-funded game exclusive incubator in Latin America was created to financially support game prototypes while providing intelligence and training support to expand their potential for commercial success. Masterclasses, workshops, and collective and individual mentoring are offered, in addition, to supporting the creation of contact networks. Finally, the incubator also promotes actions to encourage the raising of additional private investment, allowing the realization of expanded and commercially more attractive versions of the products made with the resources of the notice.

The Game Incubation Landscape Europe (2020)

Overview of Public Policies for Digital Games in Brazil (2018)

Content Provider for Game Entrepeneurial Course (2022)

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Pedro Santoro Zambon, PhD

Director of, Ph.D. in Communication from UNESP with a specialization in Evidence in Public Policy from the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford. Works as an intelligence consultant and project manager for the games industry, providing services to public policymakers, associations, and private institutions. Coordinator of the Spcine game incubator, the first game incubator in Brazil. Civil society representative at the National Council for Cultural Policies 2019/2022, Chair of the Industry Trail of the Brazilian Games Symposium between 2016 and 2020 and researcher of the 2nd Census of the Brazilian Digital Games Industry 2018. Member of Lecotec (Laboratory of Studies in Communication, Technology, Education and Creativity).